Jahresabschlussparty 2015 - Kiste presents VeridisQuoam15.12.2015

Einlass: 22:00 Uhr
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Kiste presents VeridisQuo by tasos dot k
Und wieder einmal nähert sich ein Jahr seinem Ende.. gute Momente, schlechte Momente, gründe zum Feiern... und gründe zum Feiern. Lasst es uns ordentlich verabschieden! Noch ein mal tanzen, feiern und vergessen, alles geben und die Nacht zum Tag machen.

Lasst euch vom brachial dj taso dot k und seinem Projekt VeridisQuo berauschen und 2015 endlich das zukommen, was es verdient.

15.12. 22:00 Eintritt 1 Euro Nur Abendkasse VeridisQuo hosted by taso dot k "What is VeridisQuo?" "Veridis quo is a bit of clever wordplay on the Latin phrase "Quo vadis?", literally, "Whither goest thou?" or "Where are you going?". The greater meaning of the phrase is, "To what purpose?" or, "To what end are you doing this?" There is a Christian usage of this phrase, asked to Jesus. In Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem the phrase "Veridis Quo" appears as the title of a book during the track of the same name. The "Quo vadis?" meaning would seem to correspond very well to this. This also can mean "Very Disco", which can also be switched to "discovery". "Very Disco", switching and joining words, results "Discovery", the name of the album.

Musically speaking,VeridisQuo is about fun,dance and a mixture of electronic disco,crossover house,eclectic pop,indie dance,rock remixes,funk,80s/90s re-edited tracks and sometimes,anything goes.The key point is to have a good time,it's just a party after all!!!" "letz fetz"