Good old 90s Partyam30.04.2016

Einlass: 22:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 1 €
Abendkasse: Ja
Vorverkauf: Nein
Hit me baby one more time! It's time for 90s, baby! Spice girls, Micky Mouse club, drunk David Hasselhoff, everybody got some memories of his glorious 90s Adventures! Lets revive the past and celebrate the most hated and most missed time of our lifes. Lets fetz! Einlass nur in Verkleidung, ob sexy Britney Spears, spiciges girl oder Hinterstraßen Boy, ihr seid uns alle willkommen! 30.04.2016 22:00 Eintritt: 1 Euro Dj Marius and Fipsi on the decks.